The government has an ambition to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste within 25 years. This aim is close to Hubbub’s heart and one we are already working towards in collaboration with businesses and communities. Here are the five practical steps we are taking.

1) Promoting reusables

We need a shift in consumer behaviour encouraging the everyday use of more reusable products. This fundamental shift will reduce waste and frequently saves money. Starbucks has committed to providing Hubbub with funding from their self-imposed 5p ‘Latte Levy’ trial to explore how we can ‘nudge’ people to increase the use of reusable coffee cups.

The research and testing will run from February until May 2018, with results being freely and openly shared. Our hope is to provide greater insight that can be used to inform future campaigns across the drinks industry.

2) Gaining increased insight

Over the next six months we will be undertaking detailed research with young people to get a better understanding of how we can shift culture and habits to reduce littering and promote recycling.

We have used this approach previously enabling us to develop the highly successfully Ballot Bin to reduce cigarette littering. To-date over 800 of these bins have been distributed globally forming a core part of anti-littering strategies from Australia to the US.

3) Demonstrating the value of waste plastic

Waste plastic has a high value if it can be effectively collected for recycling. We demonstrated this by building Poly-Mer – a boat made of 99% recycled plastic including 8,000 bottles collected from the Ride cycling event in London. The boat is being used for Plastic Fishing trips in Docklands showing children and employees first-hand the impact of litter in our waterways. We will be building a second boat this year.

Telling this circular story is important and plans are in hand for another campaign linked to the 2018 London Marathon:

4) Tackling recycling on the go

We are concerned about the piecemeal approach being taken to recycle food and drink containers that are consumed on the move. With backing from EcoSurety we are planning to create a new social experiment in a UK city that will test different approaches for tackling recycling on the go.

The campaign will replicate our award winning Neat Streets campaign which has generated new ways of tackling littering. We intend to announce details of the recycling on the go campaign in late spring.

5) Motivating people

Reducing plastic waste will only become a reality if we can encourage people to change buying habits and behaviours. Inspiring this change is core to Hubbub’s activities. We will continue to stimulate national debates about the importance of change and through our vlogging channel will create accessible content helping people make informed decisions.

This year the vlogging channel will take a slightly more investigative route seeking to go behind the scenes helping people to hear the ‘stories behind the stories’.

We are a small team with big ambitions to create change at scale. This is only possible through collaboration. If our ideas inspire you please get in touch and help us turn them into reality.