When starting Hubbub I never imagined we would create a fresh approach to fighting litter but this week we will be launching our Neat Streets campaign in Westminster.

The public overwhelmingly believe that dropping litter is a disgusting habit but levels have not dropped over the last 12 years. Dealing with the problem costs tax payers around £850 million a year. People are most annoyed by litter from fast food packaging which has increased by 20% in the last year.

A number of organisations approached Hubbub asking us to stimulate new thinking to address what is fundamentally a behaviour change challenge. Our response captures the core elements of the approach Hubbub is taking in all our campaigns.

1) We have built a wide coalition of supporting organisations

Including trade bodies, companies, NGOs and the local authority. Our belief is that fighting litter needs a concerted campaign involving all key stakeholders with the key message that by acting together we can create cleaner neighbourhoods.

2) We scoured the world for the latest thinking and techniques that have successfully cut litter

This has resulted in commissioning talking bins from the Netherlands, constructing interactive works of art and partnering with a social enterprise GumDrop which turns chewing gum into new products. These interventions will be tested in our campaign.

3) Following consultation, Villiers Street was selected for a six month trial

It is a fascinating street with the second largest footfall in London and is cleaned seven times a day. The street contains multinational headquarters, a plethora of fast food outlets, Heaven nightclub, three pubs and is near The Connection charity which provides services to Westminster’s homeless, a borough holding a quarter of the UK’s rough sleepers. Historically the street has links with Charles Dickens and Rudyard Kipling. We are seeking to create a sense of community starting with a ‘My Street is Your Street’ photo gallery featuring people from the local community.

4) We will be independently evaluating the impact of our approach

In partnership with Keep Britain Tidy we will measure impact and open source results helping others learn from our experience. With support from the Charities Evaluation Service we have developed a Theory of Change model which we hope demonstrates the wider impact of the campaign. We will share this with others to help create better evaluation techniques for similar campaigns.

5) We hope that Neat Streets will act as a catalyst for more concerted activity across the UK

We have undertaken national polling to discover public opinion and are using this in our national media launch. In consultation with a wide range of groups we have also created a national litter manifesto that will act as a unifying point giving a clear message to government and others on what needs to be done to create cleaner streets.

Over the next six months we will see if Neat Streets successfully provides added momentum to keeping our streets free of litter. We will let you know how we get on!