Here at Hubbub we’re big fans of the humble pancake. It seems every cuisine has its own version, and with good reason - they’re so flippin’ versatile and are the way to transform lingering leftovers into tasty February dinners. So let’s hear it for pancakes! 

That’s why we’ve created the #FlippinFoodWaste campaign. From China to America, from Japan to France, from Sri Lanka to Sweden, the pancake is a worldwide hit. So we’ve assembled a scrumptious selection of international pancakes from some of our favourite chefs and restaurants, including Petersham Nurseries, Kensington Roof Gardens, Oxo Tower, LEON, Mark Hix and Darina Allen. To whet your appetite a selection of our favourites is available to download here.

On Pancake Day itself (17th February), we’ll be arranging a ‘tweetathon’ between 9-11am, using #FlippinFoodWaste. If you have great recipes to share, please schedule your tweets for that time and the twittersphere will be awash with pancake love.

To coincide with the campaign, Hubbub, West London Waste Authority and South West London Environment Network are hosting an event on Sunday 22nd February (11am-3pm) on George Street in Richmond, to show how leftovers can be made into delicious pancakes.

There’ll be a ‘cook off’ between local chefs including Petersham Nurseries and Chez Lindsay, a cake stall using surplus food ingredients, a food waste confessions booth and giveaway recipe cards. And lots of free pancakes! 

It’s important that the next generation grow up valuing food and understanding the importance of not wasting it, so Hubbub has teamed up with School Food Matters and Eat Club to deliver food waste-themed pancake sessions during week of 23rd February, in west London primary schools.

The #FlippinFoodWaste campaign will continue throughout Lent, with Hubbub offering advice on how to use up other commonly wasted foods such as potatoes and bread, as well as top tips from bakeries on bread saving. When the average UK family wastes £60 a month throwing away food and drink that could have been eaten, those 40 days without food waste could save a few quid too. 

So join us in flippin’ two fork prongs up at food waste and telling it to Flip Off!