The first 18 months of Hubbub was a leap into the unknown. Would people like our approach? Which hubs would be successful? How could we achieve change and pay the bills? We have ended up in some surprising places – I never expected to be extolling the virtues of the Naked Binmen to fight litter – but we have learned loads and have ambitious plans for creating a Hubbub in 2016.


We will build momentum to create a Britain free of food waste. With Unilever we will create a movement of organisations who jointly share this ambition and will seek to bring Government Ministers behind our aim. With Sainsbury’s we will work with the residents of Swadlincote in Derbyshire to playfully explore new ways to help households and communities cut food waste and save money. Our seasonal food waste campaigns at Pancake Day, in the summer, during Halloween and at Christmas will expand involving more communities across the UK.


Our fashion hub extending the lifespan of clothing will move up a gear. Black Friday will be used to question our addiction to fast fashion. Mothers Day will be the hook to help redistribute high quality children’s clothing to households in the UK facing hardship. Back to School will test a new community approach helping redistribute children’s clothing. We will continue to act as the secretariat for the All Party Political Group on sustainable fashion using it to provoke debate and to create new collaborations such as the one we developed between Ocado and Northumberland Prison.


We will develop a new manifesto exploring how to create more sustainable homes – Smarter Homes and Smarter People. With IKEA and the University of Surrey we will continue to implement the ground-breaking LiveLAGOM campaign. We will share the results of Fuelling Connections which is using Facebook as a way to link people struggling to pay bills with agencies whom have resources to help them.


Our neighbourhood hub will expand campaigns to fight litter. Three new cities will be announced as participants in Neat Streets. We will work with communities in the Forest of Dean to cut rural litter and work with companies to explore new behaviour change methods targeted at specific littering problems. A new website will be created showcasing the best techniques from around the world to cut litter. We will continue to bring divergent voices together to help the government create a new litter strategy.


Our restless minds will continue to explore new campaigns. A ‘sharing street’ will be developed showcasing the best examples of how households can make money and resources go further. Drain Brain will reduce marine litter and help people make the connection between their actions and flooding. A new social enterprise will take our ideas to scale generating new revenue for the fledgling charity.

We are a small team determined to create effective change at scale. We can only do this through collaboration. If you share our aims, are intrigued by our approach and want to get involved please let me know