Radio listeners in Manchester will be woken with a new radio jingle created by Huey Morgan of the Fun Lovin Criminals, encouraging them to grab their reusable coffee cup before heading out.   The jingle is the focal point of a new Hubbub campaign aiming to encourage 10% of coffee cup drinkers to ditch disposable cups and drink from a reusable one instead.  So how did the campaign come about?

Hubbub has been using the funds from the 5p voluntary charge that Starbucks has placed on their disposable hot cups to reduce single-use plastic pollution.  This has included expanding Plastic Fishing trips to cut litter, investing in extensive cup recycling facilities across the UK and helping major cities transform High Street recycling.

This year, our focus shifts from recycling to reuse.  We will be testing different approaches to double the take-up of reusable cups from around 5% to 10%.   If successful, this would reduce the number of disposable coffee cups used each year by an estimated 3 million.  A reusable coffee cup trial at Gatwick Airport has already generated considerable learning and we will be building on this with similar campaigns throughout 2020. 

As with all Hubbub campaigns, we have undertaken extensive insight work to understand what is driving existing behaviours.  Working with the team at ‘Creatures of Habit’ we learned that many people have their own reusable coffee cup but often forget to take it with them when they head out in the morning.  The insight also found that using reusable cups drops off during the day as people feel uncomfortable asking retail outlets to wash their cups and refill them.

Working with the agency Glimpse and the collection of creative minds they have pulled together, the insight was used to generate the ‘Grab your Cup’ campaign.  The approach aims to remind people in the mornings to take their reusable cup, to remove any feelings of awkwardness surrounding taking a reusable cup into a store and to shift widespread behaviour by making it the norm to drink from a reusable cup.

In addition to the radio jingle, there will be messaging in most coffee chains in Manchester which is being reinforced with adverts in the heart of the city.  An evaluation framework has been created.  Results will be assessed by The Social Innovation Partnership, an independent agency and then widely shared.

Hubbub will be using the learnings from the campaign for further, more ambitious reuse campaigns that will be announced throughout the year.  In the meantime, we are hoping that our novel nudge campaign will encourage Mancunians to ‘Grab their cup if they know what’s up’.  Thanks Huey!

You can also read the full Press Release here.