It is the time for fresh beginnings. Give yourself head space to enjoy the longer days by decluttering your home this spring!

Here are our top tips for ridding yourself of clutter:

1) What would Marie do?

Marie Kondo is the Queen of decluttering. Her book ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ and latest series on Netflix is packed with advice for whipping your home into minimalist shape, but there’s no need to read the whole book or buy a condo in Tokyo to find your inner Kondo. This is your chance to go through closets, drawers and shelves and consider the value your possessions are adding to your life. Does it give you joy? If the answer is no, it's got to go.

2) Hack your hoarding

Overwhelmed by the decluttering task and don’t know where to begin? Try out some brilliant life hacks from ‘The Minimalists’ for a great place to start. Subscribe to their podcast to get self-help without cluttering your book-shelf.

3) The six-month rule

Haven’t used, worn or read something in the last six months? Doubt you’ll find a use for it in the future or that flares will come back into fashion? If it's not been used in six months then it’s probably safe to get rid of (responsibly).

4) Pay it forward

Host a swap with friends or at work (check out our event ideas handbook for tips on how to do this), or why not pop into your local charity shop and see if they can make use of your preloved items.

5) List your items

Ready to part with larger items such as furniture or bikes? Put them on Freecycle and make someone’s spring that much brighter.

6) Use your hangers

Try this simple step to declutter your wardrobe: put all your hangers facing in one direction and when you’ve worn something put it back in the wardrobe facing the other direction. You’ll easily be able to see what you've actually worn and what you can let go of.

7) Share don’t buy

If spring decluttering leaves you brimming with DIY ambitions, resist the temptation of buying shiny new tools that you’ll only use once. Instead, stay calm and check out Nextdoor or Streetbank, sharing platforms that connect neighbours that have something to lend with neighbours looking to borrow. Whether it’s tools, an ironing board or a slow-cooker you’re after, chances are high that someone is storing one nearby and as an extra bonus, you might make a new friend.

8) Join the library

If you live in South London, consider becoming a member at The Library of Things in West Norwood. For a small fee, you can check out a range of handy items - from DIY tools to kitchenware to camping kits.

Want to learn more about stuff? In this week’s vlog, Sarah explores whether we’ve finally got too much stuff.