From Poland to Boston, Arkansas to Iceland, hundreds of Ballot Bins are nudging people to dispose of their cigarette butts the right way. See the best moments including when the Ballot Bin played host to its first celebrity moment, as Ewan MacGregor and Jonny Lee Miller sparred online over ‘Who is your favourite Trainspotting character’. 

Thousands of provoking brain teasers, late night pub philosophising sessions, and heated debates and coffee breaks later, we would like to present the first ever “The best of Ballot Bin banter moments: world edition.”

Drumrolls please...

1) The most intellectual moment

“Would you rather fight - 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?”

The question that launched a thousand threads when thrown into the depths of the internet, this Chicago-based Ballot Bin graced the front page of Reddit. From scientific deliberations on the endurance of duck-sized horses versus humans, to philosophical musings on the many uses of a giant duck, the question brings out the academic in all of us.

2) The most glamorous moment

“Who is your favourite Trainspotting character - Begbie or Renton?”

The #OurEdinburgh litter reduction campaign captured the attention of millions on social media, through questions that let Ryan Gosling butt-heads with Ryan Reynolds, and pit Justin Bieber against Justin Timberlake. The Hollywood moment was when Trainspotting star Ewan McGregor became butt of the poll and retweeted the Ballot Bin to his followers. Jonny Lee Miller soon joined in the fun, making this star-studded Ballot Bin the most glamorous of all.

3) The most #foodie moment

“Which do you prefer - Chicago dog or Deep dish pizza?”

Home to Oprah and Muddy Waters, The Windy City is also a foodies’ paradise, as reflected in this mouth-watering Ballot Bin foodie moment. Whether it is the gooey cheesiness of pie-like pizza, or the sweet and sour pickle covered hot dog, the Ballot Bin urges people to vote their favourite delicacy and rush to the nearest greasy spoon or trendy food vendor.

Other delicious moments include the battle of tacos versus nachos, and pasties versus haggis.

Congratulations to the winning Ballot Bins and the minds behind them!

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