It’s a global celebration of women’s achievements and to mark the occasion the I caught up with four inspirational female leaders working in sustainability.

Globally women bear the brunt of a lot of the negative effects of climate change and all to often don’t have a seat at the decision making table. All the women I spoke to agree that we need to have equal representation in the climate space, not only because of the burden a changing environment puts on women across the world but also because women have a unique perspective which will only be considered if they are part of the discussion

I asked all the guests we spoke to who inspires them, what advice they would have given themselves ten years ago and how we can inspire the next generation of women. This was their advice.

On staying motivated

“I think my twenties were riddled with so much angst, about what should I be doing with my life, what are my skills, what are my talents. I think I would say to myself chill out, everything will be okay, trust the process you’re intelligent, you have the skills that you need. Just go out there and follow your gut” Gillan Benjamin - Founder of Sand Stories.

On why women should care about climate change

“The burden of care usually rests on women, if you look at developing’s the women who are responsible for fetching water with climate change and so much uncertainty it’s the women who will have to work harder.” Kiran Pereira - Founder of Sand Stories

On what you you would say to your younger self

“I love asking questions... I definitely would have started that ten years ago if I had realised how important that was. Trust your instincts and even if an idea seems really obvious its not necessarily been thought of, so it's always good to ask.” Heather Poore - Creative Director of Hubbub

On making progress

“One of the key things I learned from the 30% club was about working with men, men who often are the decision makers. If you are not working with them to also champion female leadership then we can just be talking to women and not be making the progress that we need. Working as a group we’ve achieved a huge amount in terms of the progression of women.” Emma Howard-Boyd - Chair of the environment committee.

According to a report bought out last year by the IPCC we only have 12 years prevent a catastrophic level of global warming, now more than ever before is the time to open up conversations, make changes to the way we live and take positive action. Being sustainable doesn’t mean we have to change all of our habits at once, but small incremental changes can make a huge difference. Head to our tips page for ideas on how to kickstart more sustainable habits.

Get the full story in the video below along with tips on how to keep motivated and make sustainable choices. Tag your sustainability heroes in the comments!