The Forest of Dean is proudly home to some of the best cycling terrains in the country. Offering beautiful native woodland and trails to suitably challenge riders of all levels and abilities. It's no wonder people travel from across the UK to see the breath-taking sights and take on the Forest of Dean's many trails. 

In contrast to this idyllic scene, plenty of litter ends up being left behind on the Forestry Commission tracks and trails. Each year, 250 tonnes of litter is removed from the Forest of Dean area - costing local taxpayers more than £430,000. 

The vast majority of bikers clearly love their forest and always take their litter home, many also take part in scheduled litter picks as a wider group, or do spontaneous litter picks when they notice problem areas. Race organisers and businesses in the area are also actively tackling the litter problem, doing what they can to help clear up problem areas at the start and end of trails. Despite this, individual pieces of litter can still be found around the trails, suggesting that not everyone who ventures through the forest takes their litter home. Drinks bottles, cans, energy gel wrappers and cycle scrap such as punctured inner tyres and old broken bike parts, are just some of the various pieces of litter found abandoned.

To raise awareness of this litter problem, a sculpture made from litter has been installed in the Forest of Dean at Cannop Cycle Centre. This aims to make all visitors aware of the impact their individual pieces of litter can have on the beautiful Forest of Dean. You can visit the sculpture yourself at Cannop Cycle Centre, near Pedalabikeaway from 6th September until mid-October. If you’re a business or individual who’d like to support the campaign, you can get in touch or share on social media using #LoveYourForest.

Find out more about what the Love Your Forest campaign is doing to raise awareness of littering in the Forest of Dean and join the conversation on social media using #LoveYourForest.