This week marks the launch of #CleanStreetsSutton, a new behaviour change campaign to tackle high-street litter. Over the coming six weeks, we will be working with Sutton Council to bring our successful ideas from last year’s Neat Streets campaign to our first London borough.

Sutton Council collects a mind-bending eight tonnes of litter every day which totals over 3,000 tonnes every year. To put that into context, that's equivalent to the weight of 1,000 garbage trucks that come and collect your rubbish! The average price of clearing up each piece of gum off pavement is £1.50 – 50 times as much as the gum costs to buy. Through #CleanStreetsSutton, we are working with the council to trial new approaches that can save both money and improve the local environment.

We kicked off in true style with Batman and Superman fighting it out over the Ballot Bin. Who is Sutton’s favourite superhero? Only time will tell.

None of the cigarette butts collected from the Ballot Bin will go to landfill. We are trialling a new partnership with TerraCycle who recycle cigarette butts into useful plastic products.

The Ballot Bin is just one of the installations being introduced. We have created a photo gallery of local people sharing their ideas on litter reduction. We are running a gum-litter campaign where local volunteers will chalk each piece of trodden-in chewing gum on the high-street to create awareness about the scale of the problem. This will be complemented by GumDrop Bins and colourful bins – both so colourful that we hope they will encourage good use!

We have also organised our first ever school campaign at the local secondary school Greenshaw. This kicked off yesterday with a day of activities targeting over 500 students. The highlight was the Trash Converters – our actors parading around the play-gound swapping litter for prizes such as recycled stationery. Students have also taken part in a competition to design a Gum Board for students to stick gum on outside the school gate.

Check Twitter for the latest news on #CleanStreetsSutton.

If you are interested in working with us on fresh approaches to litter reduction in your area, please get in touch.