Occasional visitors to Reddit will know that conversation can swing from sublime to ridiculous within just a few lines of dialogue. If Facebook is our online home, then Reddit is a foreign land where things look weird and the language sounds different.* It has 36 million users in 217 countries, with a staggering 21 million ‘votes’ each day (an ‘up’ vote for ‘I found this post interesting’, a ’down’ voted for the opposite).

Reddit and the Ballot Bin therefore are close cousins and this relationship recently played out to our delight when Alliance for the Great Lakes in the US, having received their new Ballot Bins, shared their first question with the Reddit community. It certainly sounded different: ‘Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?’.

Not a question we could have ever anticipated when creating the bin, but one that has taken spirit  of what the bin is about and sent it off in a wacky direction, as this thread shows:

At face value, the comments may seem absurd or just a bit of fun. But underneath much of it, you can find a genuine discussion and consensus crystallizing about the issue of cigarette litter.

Conversation threads like this are in many ways the main outcome we desired when creating the bin - people discussing and enjoying not only the question posed, but the question of how we manage our litter. We hope that threads like this become one of thousands. 

For more info about the Ballot Bin and to order yours, please go to www.ballotbin.co.uk @BallotBin

*Reddit For Begginers