Central to Hubbub's ambition is finding fresh approaches to communicate environmental issues; in different ways and in different arenas. It was with this in mind that Hubbub decided to work with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), testing the waters of the twitter-arena and preparing for a day-long tweet-tastic marathon, otherwise known as a tweetathon.

When it comes to climate change chit chat, my guess is that most people find it easy to tune out. Scientists have spoken and stated the hard evidence, but have they spoken in a way that is truly meaningful to most people? Even if you can filter through the carbon jargon and politics, climate change can still seem too distant and far removed from our daily lives and immediate priorities.

The #backclimateaction tweetathon will connect climate change to the every-day things that matter to us; sport, health, food and more. It will reveal what the public really think, and open up the debate to a whole host of organisations. It won’t just be your usual greenies suspects contributing either. Microsoft, Forumla E and the Ministry of Defence are just a few that will be throwing in their two cents. Be prepared to hear from a lot of the big dogs.

What we have to remember is that climate change is not just an issue for environmentalists, it has relevance to everyone: you, me, businesses, celebrities…you name it. Therefore we need to be saying see-you-later to inaccessible climate chatter and instead be exploring new ways of clearly communicating, making sure everyone has their voice heard.

Tune in tomorrow, Tweet you there!