The last year has been incredibly busy for everyone in the environmental world, and Hubbub is no exception. We’ve been doing all we can to build on the current levels of public interest in the environment, whilst supporting lots of dedicated people doing brilliant things in their local community.   

We’re proud of the impact we’ve had, the people we’ve galvanised, the partnerships we’ve fostered, and the campaigns that have gone on to have a life of their own. We’ve grown as an organisation, and, given the scale of the environmental challenges we face, we’re ready to do even more next year.  

Looking back before we move into 2020, here's a summary of what you've helped us to achieve.

2019 in numbers

Through these projects, we’ve enabled people to recycle over 1.2 million disposable paper cups, collect 163,000 plastic bottles for recycling, save over 692 tonnes of food from being wasted. We've also enabled Londoners to get growing to create more green spaces and homegrown food, no matter what sized space they have available, with the 10,000 'Give It A Grow' kits gifted out in September.

The difference made, season by season 


2019 kicked off with momentum built from our 'What's In My Wash?' campaign highlighting the problems of plastic microfibres which shed off synthetic clothing in the wash. We were invited to submit evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee enquiry into fast fashion which led to a series of recommendations on how the fashion industry can become more sustainable. 


Research was underway with Kings College London to uncover a detailed map of how different people in their unique daily routines are exposed to air pollution. Lots is known about general air quality but up until this point little was known about how different habits affect people at an individual level. The research was published across a two-page spread in The Times, telling the stories of the 10 Londoners who gamely agreed to wear air pollution monitors for a week to understand their differing levels of exposure and what they could do about it. 

'Plastic Fishing' continued to conquer plastic pollution and a new boat toured the UK, taking people on 'Plastic Fishing' trips to clean up their local waterways. The boat was then given to Birmingham to help the local community keep the canals free of plastic litter 

We turned our heads towards reducing plastic waste from lunches within one month through the Food Savvy Lunch club, 50 employees across East Anglia came together to cut food waste and the use of single-use plastic by over 55%.


Eating on the go is a big part of the UK culture but on-street facilities that enable us to recycle what we can haven't caught up. Until now, that is. 'Leeds By Example' has been trialling ways to improve this, successfully boosting recycling on the go in Leeds from 17% to 49%. The campaign has since expanded to Edinburgh and Swansea as 'In The Loop'.  

We piloted a first-of-its-kind ‘borrow and return’ cup system with Starbucks at Gatwick Airport, making it easy for passengers to cut cup waste, and launched The Cup Fund which will enable 35 million cups to be recycled in 12 locations across the UK.


'Give It A Grow' has helped 10,000 Londoners start growing by giving them sustainably sourced growing packs along with advice and support, in partnership with the GLA, IKEA and B&Q. 

'Kitchen Love' has transformed two underused community kitchens into state-of-the-art spaces for cooking and learning, putting cooking skills and great food at the heart of these communities. 

We kicked off a new podcast called 'What On Earth?', diving into the past, present and future of environmental challenges we face today. You seem to like it! We had over 3,000 listens and nearly 400 subscribers in just a few weeks. 

The 'Community Fridge Network' expanded to 80 open fridges throughout the UK. Each project is visited by an average of 270 people a month, distributing surplus food from retailers and the community, all together saving over 692 tonnes of food waste over the year.    

Thank you

Thank you to our passionate, hard-working and creative team, all of the partners, funders and contractors we've worked with and every one of you who've been a part of our campaigns and events. You've been invaluable in helping to make these environmental changes flourish in communities across the UK and beyond! 

And now, before we return for the next year - it's time to go home and have a lie-down!

What's been your highlight?

What's inspired you in 2019? What would you like to see more of in 2020? What environmental issues would you like to see tackled in our campaigns or covered in our videos and podcast? Let us know your thoughts - message us on Instagram or Twitter

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