Bin thinking about the litter things in life

The fight to cut litter has all but disappeared from public debate, yet for many it's the thing that spoils their local neighbourhood. We're determined to raise litter back up the agenda, creating a cleaner environment for people to enjoy.

A timely report by a Select Committee of MPs has reinforced our view that this is important. Each year the taxpayer spends £850 million keeping our streets tidy. Despite this there has been no improvement over the last 12 years. The amount of litter created by fast food establishments has grown by 20% whilst chewing gum and cigarette butts remain stubborn and expensive problems.

MPs bemoaned the lack of government action and called on more innovative behaviour change interventions. Industry was warned it is in the last chance saloon and that unless action is taken legislation will follow.

Spurred on by the recommendations, Hubbub will be testing the best behaviour change initiatives from around the world in Villiers Street, Westminster. From May onwards we'll be exploring how games, clever messaging, playful street architecture and art can shift attitudes and behaviour. The results will be independently measured and shared openly giving a new impetus to national campaigns.

In collaboration with others, we're creating a new litter manifesto setting out what has to be done at all levels to reduce the blight of litter strewn streets. This call for action will be presented to the new government backed by influential signatories. We're still building a coalition of organisations to support our campaign - if you'd like to be involved, get in touch: [email protected]

Photography: Ewan Roberts