Meet the Commended designers, from Design By Nature, who've come up with unique ways to tackle water waste, fast fashion and air quality.

At Hubbub, we believe insight-led, experimental and collaborative design should be at the heart of solving environmental issues. Over the years we’ve seen how impactful great design can be in nudging behaviours. Our playful, colourful recycling bins have almost tripled recycling rates in Leeds and are now having similar results in other cities. The boats we make from 99% recycled plastic not only tell a brilliant story of the circular economy but more importantly, they are durable, highly practical and look great! The ‘Ballot Bin’ cigarette voting ashtray, reduces cigarette littering by up to 46% and, prevents plastics and chemicals from entering our waterways.   

New forms of design and different solutions are needed to address the scale of the environmental challenge we face. 

That’s where Design By Nature comes in! 

We’re always looking for ways to push our designs and this year launched Design By Nature, with funding from CAF Venturesome. Design By Nature ian initiative and award celebrating upcoming designers’ fresh approaches to tackling these stubborn environmental issues and supporting them to bring their ideas to life. 

We’re excited to share the Commended entries and introduce you to the brilliant upcoming designers behind the ideas. 

2020 Commended Design By Nature entries 

Encouraging students to waste less water...

As designers, we understand that it is essential to help people and do what we can to make their lives as easy as possible. If we could use our skills for anything, we would like to design products that solve real-world issues and support the most vulnerable members of our society, as we believe that inclusive and sustainable design is the future.” Joanna and Paramveer  

I was interested in art when I was young, but I didn’t have the opportunity to learn until I chose Product Design as my second major in university. For the first time, I can make use of my creativity and imagination in designing. I want to make meaningful designs that can make people think about themselves and others. And I hope it can change people’s stereotypes and help to solve social problems, such as environmental issues and poverty.” Langyuan Ma 

My long-term ambition is to work in either sustainable or medical design.” Sarah Everett 

Inspiring the next generation to be more mindful about fashion...

Product Design is an amazing profession that spans so much—from consumer products to user services and so much more. I want to use my ambition to address socio-political issues and learn to become a responsible global thinker by understanding clearly the problems I am designing for that are deeply rooted in massive systems.” Samantha Supan 

If I had a magic wand, I would have my design sold in every type of clothing stores, from fast fashion to small businesses around the world. The product would be next to new garments allowing everyone with or without sewing skills to see new alternatives in every piece of clothing. Be able to repair, customize and create different looks from used pieces of clothing.” Beatriz Dantas  

“I want to use design as a tool to break down and tackle our world’s complex issues.” Teresa Raina 

My ambition is to do the least harm possible. It’s tempting to think as a designer that our solutions always improve, so my ambition is to be able to take a step back and consider my proposals in their entirety and their consequencesintended and unintended.” Lisa Kalt 

Taking action to reduce city residents exposure to air pollution...

My ambition as a designer is to create designs that generate a genuine positive impact. To create products that get people talking and influence them to want to make a change, to better their life or the world we live in.” Betsy Cousins  

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