We’ve been overwhelmed with the number of generous parents who have gifted clothing towards ‘From a Mother to Another’. Within three weeks a staggering 25,000 garments had been gifted we’re now on track to collect 50,000 by Mother’s Day.

From a baby’s first step to their first day at nursery, memories become embedded into the fabric of the clothes kids wear. We’ve been celebrating these memories and Mother’s have been sharing pictures and stories behind the garments gifted. We've had the full collection from one mum alone gifting 25 packages, to colourful ‘Hello, Kitty’ onsies and even a complete Stella McCartney outfit! All outgrown but each with their own charm and years’ of life remaining.

This is where their new lease of life and memories begins. Each of the 50,000 garments are being sorted by size, gender and season by JoJo Maman Bébé before being beautifully wrapped in gift boxes. By Mother's Day we hope to have 4,000 gifts each packed with an assortment of 12 items of clothing.

But where do they go? Barnardo’s have over 300 family support services across the UK and every year they support 23,000 families who may be isolated, having problems or need support to help their children thrive. At the heart is support for children, young people and families who are unseen, unheard and whose needs are ignored. Presence at a local level is essential to provide these families with the support they need, and this is where the beauty of ‘From a Mother to Another’ comes to life, having created a sisterhood of mothers standing together.

We’re on track to provide 4,000 of these families with a gift of high quality baby or children’s clothing that has been lovingly shared by mothers across the UK. An average household spends £11,000 on a child’s clothing and an astonishing one third of this typically ends up in landfill. So it's heartwarming to know that each gift, having an approximate value of £120 if bought new, will provide in-direct financial relief to families by freeing up funds that can be spent on other important needs like their food and heating.

The first ‘From a Mother to Another’ packages were gifted to mothers through the Barnardo’s centre in Colchester - the response was wonderful. The beauty of the initiative is that all mothers will end up with outgrown kids clothing at some point and so we found that some mothers receiving gifts had also gifted clothing towards the initiative themselves. The outcome is an extended network of kind sisterhood-like acts that help each other out but relieve pressure on the environment too.

“I think the idea is excellent. It takes the pressure off mothers and it’s a nice little gift as well.” - Rebecca

"It’s a brilliant idea because we spend a lot of money on baby stuff. It can helps with costs – especially with a girl and boy who can’t really share clothes." – Tania, Barnardo’s

"For us as a centre, it has been especially beneficial, as some of the boxes have been earmarked for some of our more vulnerable families and we have already delivered 2 to a family today!" - Cherry, Colchester Barnardo's Centre

There is opportunity here for a complete closed loop circular economy that's truly open to everybody and we hope to see this initiative grow with more retailers and charities getting involved. If you are interested please get in touch.

Calling all Mums

There's still time to gift your unwanted clothing. We will now be collecting up until 30th April. ‘From a Mother to Another’ will be gifting clothing across Barnardo's centres from Mother's Day. Follow the story at #MotherToAnother.