Spending more time indoors got you feeling a little cranky? We know the feeling. Boost your mood in no time at all with these 15 minute feel-good tips to break up your day.

At Hubbub, we dedicate our work to finding new and positive ways to do things. Since we’ve been working from home and spending less time interacting with others, adding small bursts of positivity to the day is one way we’ve been staying level-headed. Keep reading to hear about 3 ways you can incorporate similar activities into your day that’ll perk you up and leave you feeling good in just 15 minutes.  

1) Getting creative in the kitchen 

Cooking is a tried-and-tested way to make you feel good. Not least because you can tuck into your homemade creations afterwards, but being resourceful with your meals will also leave you with a glowing feeling of accomplishment. Whizz up some speedy pancakes and use oats as the base if you’ve got no flour, make a creamy pesto with whatever nuts you’ve got in your store cupboard and leftover basil stalks or if you’ve an abundance of frozen peas, try this tasty pea dip 

2) Being amongst nature 

Be it a quick garden workout, a meditative walk around the block or a jog in the parkbeing in the fresh air does wonders for your mindset. Use your time outside to clear your head – try a meditation app like Headspacethey offer several free, sub 15-minute guided meditations. You might equate meditation with sitting cross-legged for hours on end, but it doesn’t have to be done sitting down – you just need a few minutes to yourself 

3) Home-growing 

Planting seeds at home is a therapeutic activity you can do in a matter of minutes – and now that spring has sprung, it’s the perfect time to #GiveitaGrowDon’t have a garden or space to grow outside? Given the right light, growing indoors is just as achievableOrder seeds online or pick some up when you’re at your local supermarket, Marks & Spencer are now offering free seed packets to any customer that spends £20 or more in-store. Once you’ve got your seeds and soil, why not take 15 minutes out of your morning to upcycle old food containers or egg cartons into plant pots?  

With the constant noise from the news, it can be increasingly tricky to remember to channel positivity. When you map out your plan for the weektry blocking out 15 minutes here and there and pencil in things that make you happy, no matter how small. We’d love to know your go-to feel-good activities, and make sure keep your eyes peeled for more inspo from the Hubbub team over the following weeks.