Over the past year the South Derbyshire town of Swadlincote has been at the centre of a social experiment to cut household food waste. The Sainsbury’s Waste less, Save more campaign has worked with the local community helping people to change the way they think about food: what they buy, how they cook and what they throw away.

Households have been given smart fridges helping them to take action in their homes. Food sharing has been promoted through a Community Fridge. Children have benefitted from education programmes including a tour behind the scenes of the local Sainsbury’s store. Cooking skills have been taught at community challenges and events.

The Swadlincote experience has been drawn together in a guide sharing what has happened and the impact it has made. The guide is designed to inspire communities across the UK to replicate the most successful elements and spark new thinking and ideas.

Waste less, Save more grant fund

To allow communities to turn their ideas into reality Sainsbury’s is making available a £1 million grant fund. Communities can bid for up to £50,000 each providing they have the backing of their local authority. It is hoped that the grant fund will act as a catalyst bringing groups together to create campaigns that help households waste less food and save more money.

Further support will be provided by two Food Saver Champions employed by Hubbub. These two Champions have helped run the campaign in Swadlincote and have a wealth of practical experience that can help communities create impactful campaigns.

The announcement of the £1 million fund allows communities across the UK to become involved in Waste less, Save more and is a significant development in the five year campaign.

Hubbub has been delighted to work alongside Sainsbury’s in creating and delivering Waste less, Save more. We hope that the fund will enable a diverse range of groups to become involved and we look forward to working with in in the coming year. For more details on how to participate please visit www.wastelesssavemore.sainsburys.co.uk.