Many of us worry about food waste, and yet one in three of us admit to binning spotty bananas and one in ten people admit to tossing bananas with any green on the skin. This adds up to an un-peelievable £8m worth of bananas wasted every year. And food waste isn’t just hard on our pockets, it has a huge impact on the environment.That’s quite a #BananaDrama.   

Over the summer of 2019, our fabulous banana themed pop up visited festivals, fairs and fetes across Norfolk and Suffolk. Thousands picked tips and recipes from the banana tree, and took a savvy spin on the food waste blitzing smoothie bike. 

Beyond bananas!

1.4m bananas is a lot of waste but it’s only a fraction of the edible food that Britons bin every day. If you’re worried about waste, our #FoodSavvy campaign is on hand to share all the simple, savvy ways that households can divert perfectly good food from the bin. And if you fancy saving a few quid, the #FoodSavvy Challenge is packed with top tips and recipes to help you save up to £70 a month.

Visit to find out more, or email us  to find out if the banana tree and bike can visit your community, business or school. And if you visit the #BananaDrama installation or try out one of our recipes, don’t forget to take a snap and share!