Design by Nature

Celebrating ideas that inspire sustainable action


Hello from Hubbub

We design creative campaigns that inspire ways of living that are good for the environment. Our campaigns focus on raising awareness of a wide range of environmental issues, from food waste and fast fashion to microfibres and (almost) everything in between. Our playful, colourful recycling bins have almost tripled recycling rates in Leeds and are now having similar results in other cities. The boats we make from 99% recycled plastic  tell a story of the circular economy but more importantly, they are durable, highly practical. Our ‘Ballot Bin’ cigarette voting ashtray, reduces cigarette littering by up to 46% and, prevents plastics and chemicals from entering our waterways.

We use design to nudge behaviour; if something looks appealing, or makes people’s lives easier, they are more likely to engage and take action. It is clear that creative and bold ideas are required to build a more just and sustainable future.

Trewin Restorick, Founder of Hubbub

Enter Design By Nature 

Design By Nature celebrates fresh, creative approaches to tackling tough environmental issues which affect our day-to-day lives. Work on real living briefs, gain access to Hubbub's key insights, support and tips and if your idea is successful there’s opportunity to bring it to life through seed funding, trialling in a live Hubbub campaign and receiving expert advice.

Who can take part?

The award is open to UK university students and recent graduates (up to a year) from any creative discipline. You can work on the living briefs as part of your course or outside of studies – whatever works for you!

How do I enter?

The 2020-21 living briefs are now available to download. The deadline for entries is now the 2nd June. Good luck - we're rooting for you! 

What if my idea is successful?

If you’ve entered Design By Nature and if your idea is successful, the journey won’t end there. Commended will be celebrated far and wide on social media and Hubbub are keen to support up-and-coming designers and help bring successful ideas to life. There are opportunities to receive seed funding or pilot ideas in a Hubbub campaign, with full credit going to the designer.

Any questions?

Please drop us an email to [email protected]