Eat your pumpkin and join the #PumpkinRescue

Pumpkins are for more than just carving, they taste gourd-eous too! Find out how to eat your pumpkin, get delicious recipes and find your local #PumpkinRescue event. Read more

Recycle on the go with #LeedsByExample

Every year in the UK £17.4 billion is spent eating and drinking on the move, and the packaging stacks up! #LeedsByExample will trial new ways to increase the amount we recycle on the go.Read more

Let's #CookSomethingGrand kids

Mastering the A-B-C of cooking is an important part of enjoying a healthy diet, saving money and avoiding food waste. Still, 57% of parents worry that their children won't have the skills to cook for themselves when they grow up. It's time to #CookSomethingGrand. Read more

Recycle your batteries - #BringBackHeavyMetal

178 million old, used batteries are stashed in people’s homes that could be recycled! #BringBackHeavyMetal and recycle your batteries. Read more

Euston Community Cooking Experience - Curry in a hurry

Learn to cook a show-stopping curry in a hurry - a relaxed and friendly cooking experience in the bustling Euston area. Read more

For Fish's Sake, Putney

In one day, 115,000 wet wipes were pulled from the foreshore near Putney. #FFSLDN returns to Putney to playfully nudge people to dispose of litter the right way, For Fish's Sake of course.Read more

Street Store - Children's Clothes Swaps

Come along to Street Store, a community clothes swap which enables parents to update their children’s wardrobe for free by bringing along pre-loved high-quality children's clothing to swap. Read more

Can Kent #DriveDownLitter?

The #DriveDownLitter campaign has launched in two Kent service stations to tackle roadside litter. Join in by binning your litter when you visit Maidstone services or Shell Channel Gateway.Read more

Join #LoveWhereYouLive Oldham

In 2016/17 it cost the UK a whopping £57 million to clear up fly-tipping. Find out what Oldham residents are doing about it.Read more

Come to the #LoveWhereYouLive exhibition

Residents in Oldham who are fed up with fly-tipping and litter have been rolling up their sleeves to make a change. We invite you to our pop-up transformed alleyway, free events, and an exhibition that shows the story of how Oldham residents are turning wasteland into wonderland, and how you could do it too.Read more

Join #WhatsInMyWash

When synthetic fabrics are washed,they shed tiny strands of plastic microfibres, causing 16 times more ocean plastic pollution than microbeads from cosmetics! Take action and show your support with #WhatsInMyWash.Read more

Join the #TapChat South East

Despite it's rainy reputation, the South East of England is a water stressed area. If we all save a little, we can all save a lot. That's why we're starting a #TapChat about daily water habits. Read more