Can Kent #DriveDownLitter?

The #DriveDownLitter campaign has launched in two Kent service stations to tackle roadside litter. Join in by binning your litter when you visit Maidstone services or Shell Channel Gateway.Read more

Join #LoveWhereYouLive Oldham

In 2016/17 it cost the UK a whopping £57 million to clear up fly-tipping. Find out what Oldham residents are doing about it.Read more

Come to Oldham's #LoveWhereYouLive exhibition

Residents in Oldham who are fed up with fly-tipping and litter have been rolling up their sleeves to make a change. We invite you to our pop-up transformed alleyway, free events, and an exhibition that shows the story of how Oldham residents are turning wasteland into wonderland, and how you could do it too.Read more

Join #WhatsInMyWash

When synthetic fabrics are washed,they shed tiny strands of plastic microfibres, causing 16 times more ocean plastic pollution than microbeads from cosmetics! Take action and show your support with #WhatsInMyWash.Read more

Join the #TapChat Sutton

Despite it's rainy reputation, the South East of England is a water stressed area. If we all save a little, we can all save a lot. That's why we're starting a #TapChat about daily water habits in Sutton. Read more

Join 'recycling penalty shootouts' at Community Football Days

This summer, join us at one of 22 'Community Football Days' across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, for a 'recycling penalty shootout'! Who said recycling couldn't be fun.Read more

Join the food waste movement in Hackney

Hubbub and Let’s Cook Project are rustling up a feast that you can re-create at home. Join us at one of 4 events to try some delicious samples of pancakes, panzanella and fattoush and chat to us about quick and easy ways to save food waste at home! Read more

Join #LoveYourForest in the Forest of Dean

The ancient Forest of Dean is one of the UK's best gems, yet each year 250 tonnes of litter has to be cleared, costing local taxpayers more than £430,000. Get involved with #LoveYourForest and help keep the forest litter-free.Read more

Take Care of Tooting

We're teaming up with Wandsworth Council to bring some of our award-winning #NeatStreets anti-littering initiatives to Tooting! Find out what's going on and what you can do to 'Take Care Of Tooting'.Read more

It’s time to #GiveAKnit about Christmas jumpers

This year the UK will spend an estimated £220 million on novelty Christmas jumpers, a quarter of which end up in the bin. Tis' the season to #GiveAKnit about Christmas jumpers - here’s how.Read more

Join #BrightFriday - revamp your wardrobe for free this Black Friday

#BrightFriday is a wardrobe revolution, finding creative ways to get your fashion fix for less instead of Black Friday sales.Read more

FAUX satire fashion magazine is back and we're looking for submissions

Are you a photographer, illustrator, creative writer, designer? We're after submissions for the next FAUX satirical fashion magazine. Submit by 10th November and you could win £100.Read more