Come Plastic Fishing with us

We've built Poly-Mer, the world's first plastic recycled boat, which will take people on Plastic Fishing trips to collect plastic litter from the Thames to turn into more boats that can clean our waterways.Read more

Pumpkin and coconut cake

Mark from the Seasonal Kitchen shared his delicious recipe for cooking a sweet treat at Halloween.Read more

#TapChat laundry tips

Once a week or only when you’re in the mood? How often do you load up the laundry? Laundry accounts for about 15 % of water use in the home, with modern washing machines using around 50 litres of water per load. Yet, we’re probably running more loads then necessary.Read more

#TapChat dishwashing tips

Don’t dish out when you do the dishes. About 8-14% of water used in the home is dished out in the kitchen tap and dishwasher. Here’s some quick tips for saving water and time too.Read more

#TapChat toilet tips

A regular toilet flush uses about 13 litres of water per flush (even more for older toilets) making toilets account for almost a third of water use in the home. Saving a flush for the next person, especially in the night or in the morning is a wee-nner when it comes to saving water.Read more

#TapChat teeth cleaning tips

Turn the tap off and save up to 24 litres per day. Well that’ something to smile about.Read more

Day Dreamer water saving tips

So you’re a Day Dreamer? Good on you. Here are some dreamy ways to cut down on water.Read more

Water Hero water saving tips

You’re a water hero! Congrats! As for most superheroes, your priority is to help others help themselves. Here are some tips for getting the whole household on-board with water saving.Read more