8 tips for clearing clutter

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24 meals in 3 hours

Finding time to cook during the week can be tough, so set aside 3 hours at the weekend to batch cook 24 meals for only £16! This plan comes from Jan, an Ikea colleague who participated in the Live Lagom project.Read more

Sustainable costume ideas for World Book Day

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How to recycle properly

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Know your food labels to save money

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How to make a DIY Christmas jumper

Save money and get crafty this Christmas by making your own Christmas jumper. Sustainable fashion designer Imogen, of Gillian June tailoring shares her tops festive jumper tips.Read more

Waste less, Save more, Eat well recipe book

Many of us want to live more healthily, save money and spend more time with our families, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. As part of Waste less, Save more we worked with Sainsbury's to create low costs recipes and a week's meal plan, inspired by the tastes of our community in Camberwell, London. The pack offers a sure fire way to run a tight ship in the kitchen and make sure that nothing goes to waste.Read more

Our good food guide

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Quick stich: How to sew a button and fix a hem

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6 kitchen gadgets to help cut food waste

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