Love Your Forest

Creative ways to tackle litter in rural areas, using the latest thinking and designs from around the world.Read more

The Communitrees

Using nudge theory to reduce forest littering by creating 'Communitree' faces made out of litter collected from the forest floor, to keep a watchful eye on the forest.Read more

The litter shop of horrors

A pop-up shop installation displaying 33-year old litter collected from the forest floor to raise awareness of the impact of littering and to show it lasts for a very very very long time.Read more

International Neat Streets website

We discovered some brilliant ideas for tackling litter from around the world, yet there is very little sharing of them. The Neat Streets website allows people to share their projects and open source ideas.Read more

The Naked Bin Men - Trashconverters

Tackling night time litter by swapping people's rubbish for things they may need on a night out.Read more

Peppermint Pointillist chewing gum displays

Chewing gum displays encourage people to use their chewed gum to create art that reveals messages about the issue of litter.Read more

Talking Rubbish

A talking bin which burps or sneezes when used encourages people to dispose of litter in the right way.Read more

My Street Is Your Street poster campaign

Creating local pride by introducing people who live and work in an area, to each other, through a personalised poster campaign.Read more


Providing people with portable chewing gum bins making it easy for them to dispose of gum in the right way.Read more

Butts Out

No one likes to see Butts out on the street so we provided smokers with portable ash trays making it easy to dispose of cigarette litter in the right way.Read more