Haunted graveyard tagine

Simply satisfying without the need for meat, this pumpkin and mushroom tagine is slow-cooked to intensify the flavours. Read more

Pumpkin houmous on sourdough with garlic mushrooms

This is a delicious recipe to whizz up when you want a quick lunch or light supper and you’ve got some pumpkin that needs eating up. Read more

Pumpkin and coconut cake

If you're carving a jack-o'-lantern this Halloween, save the flesh and use it to make this delicious pumpkin and coconut cake. Read more

Lisa Faulkner's roast pumpkin, pancetta and sage soup

A warming and hearty pumpkin soup flavoured with pancetta and sage by celebrity chef Lisa Faulkner. Read more

Crusted pumpkin wedges

You can use all kinds of pumpkin to make these delicious wedges. Perfect served with chimmi churri for a light dinner. Read more

Thai pumpkin curry

A delicious and fragrant vegan Thai curry, best served with heaps of jasmine rice. Read more

Simple pumpkin pie

With only 20 minutes of preparation time, this tasty pumpkin pie is really quick and easy to make. It has a delicious soft texture and the mix of allspice, cinnamon and ginger bring out a richer taste in the pumpkin. After running around after little devils, it’s a little slice of heaven. Recipe by Flora. Read more

Halloween pumpkin cupcakes

Surprise your trick-or-treaters with these delicious cupcakes with pumpkins. A delicious sponge decorated with chocolate cobwebs, best served with candy spiders. Recipe by Stork. Read more

Simple pumpkin soup

Toasty and hearty, this simple yet delicious pumpkin soup is perfect after carving the pumpkins with your family and friends. Recipe by Knorr. Read more

Pumpkin mulled wine

This recipe, something of a grown-up pumpkin spiced latte, can be made with a lesser quantity of pumpkin flesh, it’s a perfect outlet for the insides of your carving pumpkin. Read more

Pumpkin gnocchi and crispy sage

Making your own gnocchi is easier than you think, try out this easy recipe from Made in Hackney for a simple, healthy dinner. Read more

Simple pumpkin pasta sauce

Celebrate the autumn in culinary style with this easy and delicious vegan pasta sauce recipe! Pumpkin and squash are a great way keep dinners healthy and to make a thick sauce without having to use cheese or cream. Read more