Natalie's Community Fridge Tortilla with Aioli

This Spanish tortilla was whipped up by MasterChef winner Natalie Coleman at East Ham Community Fridge. It’s a food waste favourite and perfect for a quick week night dinner. Read more

Max's Community Fridge pasta medley

This simple dish is a perfect weekday staple for making the most of odds and ends. Topped with smoked paprika potato skins, it also makes for great weekend eating. Read more

Porridge fritters

Porridge isn’t just for brekkie. These fritters are a great way to use up leftover porridge and eat more veggies. Their perfect as a light snack or starter. Read more

English pancakes

These simple but tasty traditional English pancake is best served warm, straight from the pan with a squeeze of lemon and sprinkle of sugar on top. Read more

Turkey noodle soup

Facing turkey saturation point? Give your future-self a gift. Get acquainted with this recipe and make yourself a batch for mid-Jan. This is a health boosting, thrifty dish that keeps on giving. Read more

Pickled Red Cabbage

A colourful accompaniment to any meal, you could even jar your pickled red cabbage it and give it as a gift to a foodie friend. Read more


This traditional Korean side dish makes a delicious vegetarian addition to meals. It is made with with a variety of seasonings, including garlic, ginger and chilli. Your kimchi is delicious eaten straight away or up to 12 months after it's first made. Read more

Italian soup with pearl barley

Full of pearl barley, this is a truly hearty soup that will keep you feeling full after lunchtime. Improvise with this recipe using any vegetables or pulses you have to hand. Read more

Mark's preserved lemons

A jar of preserved lemons will brighten up your kitchen and put an end to popping to the shops for a single lemon. Preserved lemons taste great in a tagine or with chicken and fish. Read more

Mark's garlic and herb croutons

Croutons are a great idea for when bread has gone stale. Serve with salad, soup or anything you like. Read more