Meat Your Match

The amount of meat and dairy we eat is predicted to double by 2050. Join Meat Your Match - take on the challenge to half the amount of meat you eat or collaborate with us on the next phase. Read more

Set up a Community Fridge

A Community Fridge is a simple way of enabling communities and businesses to share good food that would otherwise go to waste. Find your nearest Community Fridge or see what support is available to help you set up one of your own. Read more


£12 million worth of food is wasted in the first week of the summer holidays alone. #TravellersCheck helps you to wave goodbye to holiday food waste. Read more

The Gift of Waste

In the run up to Christmas many of us are thinking about how we can give thoughtful gifts without spending too much money or creating unnecessary waste. Preserved, pickled or fermented food makes beautiful gifts - we show you how. Read more

Join the Pumpkin Rescue

Pumpkins are for pies, not just carving. Join the #PumpkinRescue and run an event in their community this October to remind people to eat their pumpkin and cut food waste. See what tools we have to support you. Read more

Festive Freeze

Freezing leftovers can cut food waste by a half, saving families £250 a year. Festive Freeze shares tips, recipes and myth busters to help people embrace their freezers and turn Christmas leftovers into spring dinners. Read more

Join us in flippin' food waste

With pancake day around the corner, flip your leftovers with these tasty pancake recipes from around the world. Read more