'FAUX' alternative fashion magazine

'FAUX' satire fashion magazine is out now! FAUX explores the world of fast fashion, where the clothes you buy are out of style before they’ve even been sold, and our obsession with the next ‘big’ thing and whether we really need to buy stuff to be happy.Read more

Repurposing corporate uniforms

Two in seven working people in the UK wear a uniform. Nearly 33 million corporate garments are provided for their use and around 90% goes to landfill or incineration each year. Our free e-guide provides a range of solutions to unwanted uniforms.Read more

Make, do and mend events

10 fashion event ideas. From film screenings to fashion swaps, this free e-guide has events of all shapes and sizes for you and your friends to re-vamp your wardrobes, make your clothes last longer and save money.Read more

Gifting on outgrown baby clothing with #GiftABundle

Redistributing good quality, outgrown baby clothing as gifts between mothers for Mother's Day. Extending the lifespan of tots togs and saving families money.Read more

Refashion East

Explore local history and bring it to life to reignite skills of the past. Refashion East does this in East London, connecting people to the old textiles industry and how clothes used to be made.Read more