Extending the life of outgrown children's clothing

When it comes to children’s clothing, we’ve been looking behind the seams. A whopping 183 million items of outgrown baby clothing are stashed in UK homes, enough to provide over 250 items for each baby born in the UK each year. With the average family spending £11,000 on a child’s clothing alone, it’s time to #GiftABundle of good quality, outgrown clothing.

Whilst many parents do pass on outgrown clothing, 1/3 of parents have still said they've thrown clothing in the bin because they didn't know what else to do with it. The #GiftABundle campaign makes it easy for parents to pass on outgrown baby and children’s clothing to support families and reduce waste, using Mother's Day as an annual hook. Follow the campaign with #GiftABundle.

Bundles of joy

We wanted to collaborate with communities and launched a pilot version of the campaign called 'Bundle of Joy' in 2016 with the Herne Hill Forum in South London. Across four weeks an incredible 252 bundles and 1,500 pieces of clothing were collected. Bundles of Joy have since been gifted to local families through local organisations.
One insight that came out of the Bundles of Joy trial was the idea getting Mother's who were donating clothes to write personalised gift notes to the recipients. Seeing the old clothes as a gift rather than a donation, and adding that small personal touch made a huge difference to the quality of clothes shared.

The difference made 

In 2017, we adapted and scaled the campaign in collaboration with Mothercare, leading to 'Gift A Bundle' which was piloted in 13 of their stores across the UK. In the lead up to Mother's Day, an incredible 2,000 bundles were gifted by customers, amounting to approximately 20,000 items of clothing. These bundles have since been distributed to a network of 28 local groups, charities and organisations who are passing them on to families who can benefit the most from them.

The online campaign which shared broader tips on extending the life clothesremoving common baby clothing stains and what to do with clothing too worn to wear reached 1.7 million people.

In 2018, #GiftABundle was expanded out to 42 Mothercare stores and Head Office. This led to 6,055 bundles of clothing gifted by customers and 52,000 items of baby clothing redistributed via 43 local groups. You can read the full 2018 impact report here.

How can you get involved

Whether you’re an individual, a local authority, a community organisation, a nursery or parent group, this inspiration guide provides you with guidance on how to run your own #GiftABundle event.

Let us know if you’ve joined us and tag your photos and posts with #GiftABundle, we’d love to see.