Project Lead

Human behaviour fascinates me. I really am a ‘people person’, and I find figuring out what’s stopping us from doing the right thing when it comes to the planet (whilst conjuring solutions to encourage positive behaviour change) as interesting as it is vital.

Prior to Hubbub I worked in branding and communications with a range of ground-breaking tech startups to help them convey their true marrow from scratch. It was innovative and fulfilling, but it was time to combine my avid environmentalism with my career. I’m big on brands that can make a buck whilst cleaning up the planet. I don’t believe the two should be mutually exclusive ever. That explained my bullseye encounter with Hubbub Enterprise.

Wearing many colourful hats, some of my Hubbub duties include leading the Cup Fund, the UK's largest coffee cup recycling initiative (did you know we go through 5,555 of them a minute and currently only 4% are recycled correctly?), as well as Hubbub's employee engagement work with forward-thinking corporates. We design imaginative programmes to equip people with all the reasons and ways to live more sustainably both at work and at home.