Creative Partner

What's your main area of work at Hubbub?

I work on projects with a focus on reuse, waste reduction and circular economy - including our projects in partnership with Starbucks . Whether that be supporting brands implement reusable alternatives, or helping shift behaviour and educate on recycling. I have a background in coffee so if a project involves those tricky-to-recycle single-use coffee cups I'm probably there.

What's your favourite campaign and why?

Before I joined Hubbub I was super impressed by the Square Mile Challenge and Leeds by example, how the campaign brought together a wide range of different business to collaborate a tackle coffee cup recycling. It also made on-street recycling vibrant, visible and fun. I think the Starbucks 5p cup charge is a game-changer too, and similar to the plastic bag charge, shifts our behaviours towards reusable alternatives, and away from single-use as the default . It shows that impactful changes don't need to be led by law changes, but can come from businesses leading positive change for the planet.
I also love Plastic fishing for it's simplicity and how it connects people to the impact of litter. Rubbish and waste is all around us, but not always something that you see till you go looking.
What did life before Hubbub look like? 
Before Hubbub I worked for reusable cup company KeepCup, working on their partnerships with Cafes across UK and Europe to encourage customers to swap from single-use to reuse. I worked with a huge range of businesses, from the smallest independent coffee shops to the high street chains, and it was great to be able to share ideas across these spaces. I was also part of the team that saw Glasgow Coffee Festival go single-use free, by trailing a loan cup scheme that saw 18,000+ cups saved from Landfill 2 years running.
I studied Geography at University, and after a brief stint thinking I was going to work in museums, I ended up running cafes and working in coffee. So I have lots of on-the ground experience in hospitality, and reducing packaging and food waste in that space.
What else are you passionate about?
Outdoor swimming - everyone should have access to unpolluted, sewage free water for exercise and fun. Affordable and accessible public transport for all - and better walking and cycling infrastructure across the country.
I also love Museums (the more weird taxidermy the better) cooking, sunny pub gardens, wildlife, growing plants I can eat and trashy TV.
What would you eat if you only had one meal left?

Full size Dusty Knuckle Focaccia, platter of minimum 6 different Sri Lankan curries including egg hopper and sambol, pistachio ice cream.

Who’s your Eco crush?

Mikaela Loach, for badass climate activism and always being impeccably stylish
Aja Barber - for tirelessly exposing the exploitive truth of the fashion industry, for both planet and people
Ali Ward - for the podcast Ologies teaching me so much about the natural world and sharing the work of real life scientists
Ed Miliband - the greenest prime minister we never had
But the OG and no 1 crush has to be the first recycling vegetarian I knew, Lisa Simpson.