Enterprise Intern

Karina joined Hubbub Enterprise as an intern in February 2017. She moved to London from Dublin in 2009 to pursue her passion- acting and trained in Musical Theatre at The MTA. Although 'There’s no business like show business’ after many years of performing in plays, musicals and cabarets, she decided to look for a new challenge.

She began temping in a creative agency and discovered an enthusiasm for creating campaigns, but, also felt she would love to use her creativity to do some good in the world. Then she found Hubbub!

Karina is passionate about the work Hubbub does and is excited to learn more about sustainability and environmental issues, and bring this knowledge to communities throughout the U.K and beyond.

Karina is leading on Hubbub Enterprise's work on 'The Ballot Bin', our customisable, bespoke ashtray. She’s looking forward to kicking the butt of litter, whilst making some (terrible) puns along the way.