Creative Partner

After gaining degrees in English Literature, Politics and Filmmaking, I joined the Global Shapers, a sub-group of the World Economic Forum, which was founded to give young people a voice, empowering them to create change and to foster action within their local and international communities.

I harbour a strong connection to the ocean and protecting it from an irreversible decay is what I spend my free time on. I go on snorkelling and diving trips to research coral bleaching and try to experiment with innovative ideas that could help the problem of sea level temperature rise in various locations.

I have also set up my own NGO aimed at reducing plastic consumption within the food industry, with a strong focus on replacing plastics with new and unique alternatives. Hence, my work as a Creative Partner at Hubbub closely ties in with my personal passions. It’s great to be able to 

apply my previous knowledge to lead the Treasure your River campaign that raises awareness about plastic pollution in UK rivers.