Communications Co-ordinator

What's your main area of work at Hubbub?

As communications co-ordinator I work across the entire company helping deliver content across all projects. I assist teams on pulling together information and promoting it to our wider audience on social media, through our website, and via our newsletters. This page is just one fine example of my work... 

What's your favourite campaign and why?

Community Fridges. I have always been passionate about food and I believe everyone deserves access to fresh, nutritional food in order to live a healthy active lifestyle. If this can be done whilst also contributing towards saving food waste, and in turn, reducing our impact on the planet, then that is excellent!

What did life before Hubbub look like? 

Once I graduated from human Geography I went on to complete my Masters in Environmental Leadership and Management. I took these skills and became a deliveroo rider, customer service expert, and UPS driver helper during the pandemic. During this time I continued to pursue my interest in all things environmental and ended up at Hubbub!

What else are you passionate about?

Lacrosse. Fungi. Foraging. Food. Travelling.

What would you eat if you only had one meal left?

I’d be giving up my vegetarianism that’s for sure. Crispy Duck Pancakes as a starter. Salmon parcels with feta and spinach, new potatoes, asparagus and a cream sauce for main. Dessert has to be my Dad’s home made Banoffee pie.

Who’s your Eco crush?

Paul Stamets, legend!