Project Co-ordinator

Alice joined the Hubbub team in October 2018 as Sustainability Intern, with particular focus on the Food Hub. Her interest in environmental issues and social action particularly developed while at the University of Oxford, where she studied Geography. During this time, she was involved in a number of student organisations, for example, acting as president of Oxford Climate Society and as ethical arts officer of the Oxford Hub, both roles having climate change and sustainability at their core.
In the past, Alice has also worked to bridge her involvement in environmental work with her love of theatre and the arts. In 2017, she explored sustainability at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in her undergraduate dissertation. Following this, she launched the #SustainableFringe campaign in 2018, which aims to encourage theatre groups to reduce their festival footprint as visitors to Edinburgh.
Alice is really excited to get involved in Hubbub’s food work, particularly as it is so deeply rooted in community and individual behaviour, while having a wider goal of positive change. Alice primarily focuses on Hubbub’s food work, such as #FoodSavvy, the Community Fridge Network and sustainable cooking workshops with Euston Green Link.