Did you know that out of the 3 billion coffee cups the UK gets through every year, only 4% of them are currently recycled? This is because coffee cups can’t be recycled in normal recycling bins – due to them being made of a sturdy mix of paper and plastic. Check out our vlog on why more cups aren’t recycled here 


The Cup Cube is part of Hubbub’s The Cup Fund - the UK's largest grant fund to boost coffee cup recycling, supporting ambitious projects nationwide in setting up bespoke coffee cup schemes. We did this because there’s lots of capacity in the UK to recycle cups, but there isn’t currently the infrastructure to make it easy for the public to do their bit.

We had dozens of applications for the fund, and after careful consideration an independent panel selected the 12 winners, to whom grant funding of between £50,000 to £100,000 has now been made availableThe funding has been put towards recycling facilities, creating new partnerships and delivering high quality behaviour change communications in high footfall areas – five projects in central London and seven further locations across the UK including Bristol and York. Cup recycling facilities will be appearing in whole range places including high streets, workplaces, universities, shopping centres and motorway service stations. 

The campaign is supported by Starbucks pioneering 5p cup charge which is applied when a customer chooses to use a single-use paper cup instead of a reusable. These funds are donated to Hubbub each year and go towards everything from reducing plastic pollution to increasing recycling on-the-go 


The Cup Cube was created to celebrate the launch of the 5 London Cup Fund projects in Bankside, London Bridge, Camden, Brixton, Mayfair, and three London universities (LSE, Queen Mary University, University of Westminster). It is an interactive and immersive art installation (our biggest installation yet, may we add) that will be on the riverwalk close to the Tate Modern on London’s South Bank for two weeks - before moving onto other high-profile London locations. It’s made almost entirely from coffee cups – 5,555 to be precise, which is the amount we get through every minute in the UK. And yes, they will be recycled into usable products! No booking is needed to visit the installation, and entry is free.  

When: 24/7 from 21st  31st January 2020 

Where: On the Riverwalk, close to the Tate Modern, London 

Come and see the cube and discover more about our exciting new recycling project – we’re launching on Tuesday 21st and will be giving out free coffee in the morning if you bring your reusable cup!  


If you can't make it down to the installation, fear not. Stay tuned to see where the Cup Cube travels to next – and we’ll be sharing lots of photos and videos on our social channels too. Mostly importantly, keep an eye out for our bins – and let’s get London #InTheLoop.  

Read more about our #InTheLoop recycling campaigns in SwanseaEdinburgh and Leeds 

Booking for this event has now closed.