Are you saving for a trip? Or trying to keep up with bills which always seem to be on the up? Finding new ways to save money is top of most people's lists; but if you were given new ways to save money that involved sharing stuff with your neighbours, would you be up for it? How far would you go? What if it also improved your experience of your community, or meant you could do your bit for the environment too?

We're looking for a UK street to take part in ‘the street that shared’ campaign which will explore how much people are willing to share to benefit financially, socially and environmentally. We will support the community to take on a vast range of new ways to share with neighbours for personal benefits as well as creating a greater good.

Passing on extra portions of food or lending a power tool to a neighbour might be a no brainer, but what about a bike, car or household debt? Would you share storage with your neighbour? Or exchange dog walking for skills sharing?

Without necessarily realising it we’ve been sharing more and more already. Apps like OLIO, Airbnb, Uber and Freecycle are all based on principles of sharing. A lot of this is a result of rising living costs, lack of space, a growing feeling that we’ve reached ‘peak stuff’ and the desire to a mindfully ‘declutter’. As food, energy and fuel costs continue to rise, sharing is a great way for people to save money. But there are bound to be limits on what we’re are willing to share.

If successful 'the street that shared' will provide a new way of living, offering people personal benefits as well as creating a greater good.

Do you have a street in mind for ‘the street that shared’?

Would you like to see more sharing in your community? Could you see yourself living on a ‘Street that Shared’? If you’re interested in taking part and have a street in mind, or know someone who does, email us at [email protected] by 17th February 2017.

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