Rich diversity, delicious food and buzzing bars are just a few things that make the South London neighbourhood of Tooting such a great place to live or work. Unfortunately, a recent survey by Wandsworth Council revealed that 98% of Tooting residents think fly-tipping is a serious problem in the area.

To help residents tackle the issue, we've teamed up with Wandsworth Council to bring some of our award-winning #NeatStreets anti-littering initiatives to Tooting! The Tooting #NeatStreets anti-littering campaign is in full swing, here’s what we’ve done so far and how you can still get involved.

Join in with Tooting #NeatStreets activities

Keep an eye out for Take Care of Tooting interventions in the street.

We’ve brightened up the bins, jazzed up the lampposts, beautified Church Lane Car Park and we're installing ‘watching eyes’ around Tooting to encourage people to dispose of litter and other larger items properly. When you find one of the many colourful interventions, join the #NeatStreets conversation on social media to show you care about Tooting.

What would you do with £400?

£400 is the average fine for fly-tipping, but what could you do with that money instead? Write your answer on the #NeatStreets chalkboard in Tooting Leisure Centre and read what your community has to say!

What's on in schools

Join one of the local schools that’s organising a gum chalking event. Highlight a sticky problem by drawing colourful circles round chewing gum on the pavement, catching people’s eyes and showing everyone the extent of the gum issue. To find out more stay tuned here or drop us an email.

Three ways you can 'Take Care of Tooting'

  1. Know your bin collection times. Enter your post code here and get a summary of your bin collection dates and times. It can be easy to forget so make a note and put your bin bags out at the right time. You can also find out about recycling in your area here.
  2. Have bulky waste? Gift it to a local charity, offer it out on sites like Freecycle or your local Facebook community group, drive it to the tip, or book a bulky waste collection on
  3. Spotted fly-tipping? Report it at

Do you have any questions about the campaign or want to get involved? E-mail [email protected] to find out more!

Achieved so far

High street clean-up

On the 6th March 2018 Tooting businesses took to the streets to clean the outside of their shops, they swept out the front, washed windows, and one business organised a litter-pick.

Community Gallery

You might have spotted some of our community gallery posters in shop windows on the High Street, Upper Tooting Road, and on Mitcham Road. These champion businesses are showing off that they’re proud to help keep their neighbourhood clean and fly-tip free, keep a look out for them!

Booking for this event has now closed.