Oh we do like to be beside the seaside... so long as we're not decked out next to a pile of old crisp packets and drinks bottles. 

8 out of 10 people in Brighton and Hove are fed up with the amount of litter on the streets, and it doesn't stop at our streets. As we've discovered with the #FFSLDN campaign to stem the flow of litter to the Thames, so much of the litter dropped on the street ends up in storm drains, rivers and you guessed it, the sea. 

35% of fish caught off the Brighton coast have plastic in their gut, and 80% of the ocean plastic comes from the land. 

Thankfully there is some good news. Brighton and Hove City Council have taken the reins on this issue and together we've created the #StreetsAhead campaign which will be swimming it's way through the streets of Brighton and Hove to remind people to take their litter home. 

Get involved

From 25th August 2017 keep your eye out for a wave of colourful installations, stunts and reminders to bin litter and set Brighton and Hove #StreetsAhead from the rest. See what we did there? Here's what's going on:

  • Visit the giant fish made out of litter opposite the Grand Brighton Hotel between 25th August - 4th October and share your pictures with #StreetsAhead. 
  • Trade your litter for treats with the Trash Converter seaside cart. It will be strolling along the promenade between 12 noon – 4pm on Saturday 16th – 17th September, Saturday 23rd – 24th September, and the 30th of September – 1st of October.

If you see litter on the ground like a newspaper or plastic bottle, put it in a nearby bin. You might just inspire others!

Stay tuned, follow @RecyclingRefuse on Twitter and ‘Recycling and refuse in Brighton and Hove’ on Facebook.

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