The Communitrees return to the Forest of Dean to keep a watchful eye over the forest floor. Designed by school children and built by local artists using litter collected from the forest floor, they remind people to take their litter home.

There are 14 to be found throughout Wenchford Picnic Site and together they reveal a hidden message. To find them, pick up an activity sheet from Wenchford Picnic Site or the Tourism Information Centre in Coleford, and follow the trail! 

Once you've found them, take a photo and share it on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page using #LoveYourForest.

Why are they here?

Over 250 tonnes of rubbish is cleared from the Forest of Dean each year. #LoveYourForest explores different ways to encourage people to dispose of their litter properly rather than leaving it to wallow on the forest floor for decades. The Communitrees were created based on the theory that if you feel like you’re being watched you are less likely to drop litter. The watchful eye of the Communitrees reduced litter by as much as 33% in some areas of the forest in 2016 and were very popular amongst locals and visitors – so they’re back to watch over the forest once again!

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