Letting go of outgrown baby clothing might be hard, but we might be hanging on a bit too hard. A whopping 183 million items of outgrown baby clothing are stashed in UK homes, enough to provide over 250 items for each baby born in the UK each year. With the average family spending £11,000 on a child’s clothing alone, it’s time to #GiftABundle of outgrown clothing.

Whilst many parents do pass on outgrown clothing, 1/3 of parents have still said they've thrown clothing in the bin because they didn't know what else to do with them. In the run up to Mother’s Day, we’re collaborating with Mothercare to make it easy for parents to #GiftABundle of outgrown baby clothing to support families and reduce waste.

Up until 25th March 2017, parents can gift bundles of 6-10 items of good quality, outgrown baby clothing for ages between premature to 3 years, in selected Mothercare stores across the UK.

How to #GiftABundle

  1. Pick up a bundle bag from selected Mothercare store counters.
    Participating stores include: Aberdeen, Cribbs Causeway Bristol, Dudley, Edmonton, Gateshead, Ipswich, Kew, Leeds, Manchester, Romford, Solihull, Sprucefield, Lisburn and Swansea.
  2. Fill it with 6 – 10 pieces of good quality, outgrown clothing for an age group between premature to 3 years, and fill in the gift card.
  3. Share your bundle with #GiftABundle.
  4. Drop your bundle at collection points in one of the same selected Mothercare stores by 25th March and they’ll be gifted to mums via community groups from Mother’s Day.

What can I gift in my bundle?

All good quality baby clothing for ages premature to 3 years will be warmly welcomed, including shoes, hats and socks. Unfortunately we can’t accept toys, blankets, bedding or batches of clothing not made into the small bundle gifts.

If you have lots of good quality clothing in a range of sizes, you're welcome to gift more than once. Please split the ages so that the gifts are ready to be passed on to a family.

If you have larger batches of clothing, or clothing that is stained or too worn to wear, there are lots of other options for making good use of them instead of throwing them away. Find out more here.

Not based near a participating Mothercare store?

There are loads of other ways to get involved:

Who will receive the gifts?

All gifts will be passed on for free to families across the UK. We're currently building networks of community groups and organisations who are in a good position to pass them on to families who can benefit most from them, where possible in close proximity to participating stores. Groups distributing the gifts so far include: Cascade Baby Bundles, regional Salvation Army groups, regional Shelter groups, Little Village, Family Lives, Family Action, Leeds Baby Bank, Brighter Bristol baby bank, Birmingham Women's Hospital, Little Bugs Baby Bank, and more. 

If you work for an organisation or group who would benefit from the gifts, please contact us.

Any clothing gifted that is not suitable to gift on, will be recycled.

#GiftABundle is a collaboration between Hubbub UK and Mothercare, aimed at supporting families and reduce textile waste. The campaign is a pilot taking place across 13 Mothercare stores from 27th February – 25th March 2017. To find out more please get in touch.

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