Are you a photographer, illustrator, creative writer, designer?

We're looking for contributions to the second edition of FAUX, a satirical fashion magazine that will be published to co-incide with Black Friday 2017. Cash prize for winning entries!

What is FAUX?

Faux is a satirical magazine highlighting the silly side of the fashion industry and raising awareness of the 300,000 tonnes of textiles that end up being thrown away each year. To see last year’s FAUX and the previous winners head to this page. The alternative fashion magazine FAUX is back for its second year to challenge the status quo this Black Friday.

What do I need to do?

We’re looking for pieces to include in the next FAUX magazine. In particular, we're after submissions in the following categories: 

  1. Creative Writing: Storytelling, poetry, interviews, opinion pieces about growing up in a world of abundance. 500 words max
  2. Photography: Showcasing creative objects and crafts, spoof fashion shoots and adverts. Portrait with captions or photo collages.
  3. Illustration and Graphics: Infographics, cartoons, storyboards, spoof adverts, illustrated instructions. 

What's the prize?

Two entries will be selected by the Hubbub team to win a cash prize of £100. Runners up will receive £40.

How do I submit?

To ask questions or submit your piece, email [email protected]Deadline: 5pm, Friday 10 November 2017.

Download the FAUX magazine brief here.

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