Community Fridges are communal places where surplus food is shared between people in a community, by local businesses and individuals.

Why are they needed?

The average UK family wastes £810 a year by throwing away food and drink which could have been eaten, and £3 billion is wasted by food sectors. Despite growing awareness of food waste, there are few easy ways for people or businesses to get food near its 'sell by' date to others.

So far Community Fridges have helped thousands connect to their communities, access nutritious food, save money and reduce waste.

How you can get involved

The Community Fridge Network has been set up to connect Community Fridge projects across the UK. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Spread the word! 
  • Donate surplus food that you’re not going to use to your local Community Fridge - find your nearest one with the map below.
  • Volunteer to help maintain your local Community Fridge.
  • Set up your own - click here to find out what support is available.


Find your nearest Community Fridge

Use the map below to locate your nearest Community Fridge and get in touch directly with the organisers to get involved. 

With tens of enquiries every week to support new Community Fridges across the UK, this map is ever changing. We keep it up to date as often as we can but please contact the local organisers for further specific information.