#TravellersCheck your fridge and wave goodbye to holiday food waste

Going on holiday, but still have food in your fridge? You’re not flying solo. Each year in the UK £½ billion worth of perfectly edible food gets thrown away when people head off on holiday. In the UK £12 million worth of food ends up in the bin in the first week of the summer holiday alone.

The good news is we can change this and save some holiday money with 3 simple steps. Add a check in with your fridge to your travel preparations and freeze, gift or cook your leftovers.

Getting ready for your next holiday? Add a check in with your fridge to your travel preparations and gift, freeze or fry.

1) Check in with your freezer

Fretting about what you can freeze? Don't worry. Here are some facts about freezing food everyone should know and a list of food items that can be frozen.

2) Check in with your neighbours

81% of us would be happy to receive food from a neighbour. Get into the holiday spirit and share what you can’t eat before you fly! Here's a free postcard to print and give to your neighbours along with leftover food items.

Is there Community Fridge near you that you could gift food to?    

3) Make yourself a lunchbox, or cook and freeze a homecoming meal

Try our favourite recipes for those odds and ends lurking in your fridge. No time to cook? Don’t bin it, freeze or gift it.

4) Check in on your travels - bon voyage!

Tip: If you’re jetting off on holiday then take an empty bottle with you to the airport. You can fill up on the other side of airport security rather than buying a new bottle.

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