Creating cleaner, greener spaces 

3 things you can do today

  1. Re-route one journey. Pick a car journey you take regularly and try walking, cycling or taking public transport instead.
  2. Meet your neighbours. Discover something good going on near you and get involved. You'll share your skills, meet someone new and help create stronger a community. This is a good place to start.
  3. Plant something. Trees and plants are great for making our neighbourhoods more inviting, and they clean the air too. Silver birch trees are particularly good for reducing pollution levels. NASA did a study into great ways to clean the air and revealed English ivy, philodendrons, spider plants and golden pothos are great options for growing at home.

Go a bit further - run your own campaign.

Cutting plastic waste: Hubbub’s five step plan

The government has an ambition to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste within 25 years. This aim is close to Hubbub’s heart and one we are already working towards in collaboration with businesses and communities. Here are the five practical steps we are taking.Read more

Hubbub announces new partnership with Starbucks to promote reusable coffee cups

The Environmental Select Committee has called for a levy on disposable coffee cups. We believe that more testing is required to assess the impact a charge may have on changing behaviour. We're delighted to announce a partnership with Starbucks that will trial and promote a 5p cup charge in 20 - 25 central London stores.Read more

What would you share with your neighbour?

What would you share with your neighbour? Would you share food, tools or bikes? What about with the wider community or with someone you haven’t met before? That's what we're diving into as part of the "Street That Shares" project.Read more

Let’s go Plastic Fishing

Poly-Mer is the world's first plastic recycled boat, which has been taking businesses Plastic Fishing to cut marine pollution and provide a great team day out. We're delighted to announce that thanks to financial support from London’s largest independent grant funder, City Bridge Trust, we'll be able to run 55 free educational Plastic Fishing trips for school children in London.Read more

Five steps to reducing single-use plastics

Up to 12 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans each year. Last week it emerged that plastics have even been discovered in creatures living seven miles beneath the sea. What are the five steps that need to be taken to fully address the problem?Read more

Top takeaways from national Neat Streets Roadshows

This year we set an ambition to support councils across the UK by running a series of Neat Streets Roadshows. Here are some of the top tips we’ve been sharing.Read more

Hubbub’s five steps to a circular economy

The shocking amount of plastics in our oceans shows new solutions are needed to cut waste. Hubbub has just launched the Poly Mer, a boat made from 99% recycled plastics that will fish plastics from London’s waterways. This is the start of our ambition to create a more circular economy. Here is our five step plan.Read more

Hubbub launches world’s first recycled plastic boat

Hubbub is delighted to announce the launch of Poly-Mer – the world’s first recycled plastic punt. The boat will be used to run plastic fishing trips in the waters around London’s Docklands. The collected plastics will be used to make more boats creating a growing flotilla that will help clean our waterways.Read more

5 ways to make people care about invisible litter

Litter in the Thames is an invisible problem the average commuter doesn’t seem to notice it. Through #FFSLDN, we’re aiming to help people connect with the river and make them care about the litter that they can’t see. Here are five ways we are trying to do that.Read more

Coffee cups come back to life to make Manchester’s gardens greener

A look back at Hubbub's first coffee cup recycling campaign, it's expansion to London and key lessons learnt. Plus, where do we go from here?Read more