Hubbub has brought together the largest coalition of companies it has worked with to-date to tackle ‘on-the-go-recycling’. The UK is increasingly eating and drinking on the move requiring a growing amount of drinks containers and food packaging to be disposed of outside homes. Recycling systems have not kept up. A recent report described ‘On the Go’ waste infrastructure as inadequate.

#LeedsByExample will launch in September in Leeds City Centre in conjunction with Leeds City Council. The six month campaign will test the latest thinking on how to increase recycling rates for food and drinks packaging. It will include a combination of ground-breaking technology, new recycling facilities and engaging communications.

#LeedsByExample has been jointly developed by Hubbub with recycling compliance scheme EcoSurety. To-date 18 organisations have formally joined the partnership. They are: Alupro, Asda, Association of Convenience Stores, Ball Beverage Packaging Europe, British Plastics Federation, Coca-Cola GB, Costa, Co-op, Crown Packaging, Danone, Highland Spring, Innocent, Klöckner Pentaplast (kp), Lucozade Ribena Suntory, Marks and Spencer, Morrisons, PepsiCo and Shell.

The campaign is a continuation of Hubbub’s attempts to bring together key organisations to cut littering and boost recycling.

Previous campaigns have included the award winning Neat Streets litter campaign which launched the pioneering ballot bin of which over 1,000 have been sold world-wide. The Square Mile Challenge was the largest recycling scheme for disposable coffee cups and has recycled over 5 million cups in the heart of London. The recently launched #DriveDownLitter campaign seeks to reduce motorway littering and includes the installation of two new recycling reward machines for coffee cups and plastic bottles.

#LeedsByExample is the most ambitious collaboration to-date and addresses a growing challenge – 18 to 25 year olds are twice as likely as older generations to buy food on-the-go but millennials are less likely to recycle. The food-to-go industry is already worth £17.4bn a year and projected to increase to over £23bn by 2022. Yet recent research by ReCoup found that only 42% of local authorities provide on-the-go recycling facilities.

#LeedsByExample will see new recycling facilities introduced on the streets, in local offices, shopping centres, universities and transport hubs. A unique element of the initiative will be the first UK trial of an app developed by OPRL, which will use on-pack barcodes to help people understand what and how to recycle, with a map to find their nearest recycling points. The app is one of a range of approaches designed to engage the youthful population of Leeds – 57% of the population of the city centre are aged 16 to 24.

Before the launch date baseline data will be collected by an independent evaluation agency and this will be used to measure the impact the various interventions. Hubbub hopes that the information gathered will help inform policy-making and see the growth of effective new recycling initiatives across the UK.

For more information about our plans please do get in touch.