Today Hubbub launches the ‘Trashconverter Van’ seeking to tackle roadside litter. The van is the next phase of the #LoveYourForest campaign exploring new ways to keep the ancient Forest of Dean clean.

Roadside litter is an on-going stubborn problem that infuriates the public, spoils the environment and is costly to address. Such is the extent of the roadside littering that the government’s new litter strategy seeks to tackle it head on, including imposing larger fines on people who litter.

Hubbub is aiming to reduce roadside littering though the ‘Trashconverter Van’ that will tour the Forest of Dean accepting trash rather than cash in exchange for food, flowers and hot drinks. It will raise awareness of roadside littering, highlight local grot spots and nudge people to change behaviour.

To further reinforce the message 100 replica wildflowers made from layby litter will be displayed throughout the forest reminding people of what the forest floor should be covered in.

The creation of the ‘Trashconverter van’ typifies Hubbub’s campaign approach. It is part of the #LoveYourForest campaign launched with the backing of Lucozade Ribena Suntory. The company is the major employer in the area and wishes to build closer connections with the community.

Hubbub listened to the views of local residents and through this came to understand the significant level of pride in the beauty of the Forest of Dean. As a result, #LoveYourForest became the core message of the campaign.

In the first year, we launched the UK’s first Litter Shop that publicly displayed litter that had been found on the forest floor. Our Communitrees campaign explored whether littering dropped if people felt they were being watched. The campaign involved children creating faces from recycled materials that were placed on trees near litter hot-spots. A walking map encouraged people to visit the faces and emphasised the anti-littering message.

The second year of #LoveYourForest will repeat the most successful elements of the campaign and try new approaches such as the ‘Trashconverter Van’. Crucially the second year is being delivered in collaboration with six different organisations including the Forest of Dean District Council, the Forestry Commission and the Forest of Dean Tourism Association.

With this collaborative approach, Hubbub is gradually getting the local community more involved with #LoveYourForest. In the third year, our intention is to hand over the entire campaign to local community groups enabling them to run the activities and giving Hubbub the freedom to launch new campaigns.

Hubbub will be capturing all that we have learned from #LoveYourForest and will freely make available the resources and collateral that we have developed for other local authorities, businesses and community groups. This will enable them to select the best bits for their campaigns and to learn from our mistakes.

Read more about #LoveYourForest. If you want to tackle litter in your area, get in touch.

Photography by Paul Box