Creating cleaner, greener spaces 

3 things you can do today

  1. Re-route one journey. Pick a car journey you take regularly and try walking, cycling or taking public transport instead.
  2. Meet your neighbours. Discover something good going on near you and get involved. You'll share your skills, meet someone new and help create stronger a community. This is a good place to start.
  3. Plant something. Trees and plants are great for making our neighbourhoods more inviting, and they clean the air too. Silver birch trees are particularly good for reducing pollution levels. NASA did a study into great ways to clean the air and revealed English ivy, philodendrons, spider plants and golden pothos are great options for growing at home.

Go a bit further - run your own campaign.

5 ways to make people care about invisible litter

Litter in the Thames is an invisible problem the average commuter doesn’t seem to notice it. Through #FFSLDN, we’re aiming to help people connect with the river and make them care about the litter that they can’t see. Here are five ways we are trying to do that.Read more

Coffee cups come back to life to make Manchester’s gardens greener

A look back at Hubbub's first coffee cup recycling campaign, it's expansion to London and key lessons learnt. Plus, where do we go from here?Read more

Can good design nudge behaviour?

Starting something completely new means you sometimes end-up in totally unexpected places. I never dreamed two years ago that Hubbub would be employing a team of three social designers or would be creating bins and street installations. How did we get here?Read more

'Tidy Litterers' are polluting the River Thames; #FFS things need to change

300 tonnes of litter is scooped out of the River Thames annually, but many people don't connect this with their daily habits and over half admit to squeezing litter into bins that are clearly overflowing. Today we're launching ‘For Fish’s Sake’ #FFS to tackle litter in the River Thames and we're starting with 'tidy litterers'.Read more

Hubbub launches van-detta against litter

Today Hubbub launches the ‘Trashconverter Van’ seeking to tackle roadside litter. The van is the next phase of the #LoveYourForest campaign exploring new ways to keep the ancient Forest of Dean clean.Read more

What next for #SquareMileChallenge?

In April we've been encouraging coffee cup recycling in the Square Mile of London. But with 7 million coffee cups thrown away each day across the UK it's clear that this isn't just an issue in the capital. So, what have we learned and what is next for the #SquareMileChallenge?Read more

Creating collaboration at scale

The #SquareMileChallenge is the UK’s biggest ever coffee cup recycling scheme and Hubbub’s largest collaborative campaign to date. Here are a few lessons we've learnt along the way.Read more

What a difference #OurEdinburgh makes

In 2016 the Neat Streets litter prevention campaign took to the streets of Edinburgh to explore whether it could be as effective in Scotland as it was when piloted in London. The results are now in.Read more

Join the Square Mile Challenge

We're on the hunt for business within the Square Mile of London to join the Square Mile Challenge and help prevent the 7 million cups that are thrown away in the UK every day.Read more

Help us create 'the street that shared'

We're looking for a UK street to take part in 'the street that shared'; a radical social experiment that will help households cut bills, build stronger connections with neighbours and reduce environmental impact.Read more