Hubbub expands Plastic Fishing fleet

The fourth Plastic Fishing boat made from 99% recycled plastic; The ‘Vitamin Sea’ has taken to the Thames. The growing fleet plays an important role in helping Hubbub communicate five key messages about the environmental challenges we face and the way we operate. Read more

Why monitoring air quality is so complex

Air pollution is invisible, but it’s in the air we breathe. In our towns and cities we rely on air quality monitors to tell us how polluted the air around us is. There are many different types of monitors - here we explore the pro’s and con’s of each kind, based on what we’ve learnt through the ‘Air We Share’ campaign. Read more

Gatwick Airport launches pioneering reusable cup trial

#CupCupandAway will provide an innovative approach helping customers to reduce disposable cup use throughout the international airport’s South Terminal. Read more

Parents feeling trapped in pollution-choked cities

Today Hubbub launches the #AirWeShare campaign with new research revealing that more than half of parents say they would move house to escape air pollution if they could afford it. Read the full results here Read more

Winners of Waitrose & Partners' Plan Plastic – Million Pound Challenge Fund Announced

Five projects have won a share of £1 million awarded through the Plan Plastic Challenge. The winning entries are a diverse group from marine scientists to pioneering charities. Find out who the winners are. Read more

How does air pollution affect us? First ‘Air We Share’ results are revealed

How exposed are Londoners to poor air quality in their daily routines? And what steps can people take to reduce risk? Hubbub has partnered with King’s College London and The Times newspaper to track the risks faced by 10 different Londoners. Read more

Recycling on the go trial expands to Wales and Scotland

Leeds by Example has taken a fresh look at how to increase recycling rates on the High Street. Success has resulted in a secured agreement from Edinburgh and Swansea to replicate successful elements. Read more

Hubbub launches #TheCupFund

Hubbub is delighted to announce #TheCupFund, a new grant fund that has opened that aims to kickstart paper cup recycling across the UK. Made possible by Starbucks's 5p charge on paper cups the fund will provide grants of £50,000 to £100,000. Read more

Hubbub announces winners for the Plastic Fishing Tour

A new punt made from 99% recycled plastic will be travelling to Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and central Scotland as part of a national Plastic Fishing tour. The tour, which runs from April to June, will raise awareness of plastic pollution in UK Rivers and canals. Read more

Hubbub announces new Air Quality partnership with King's College London

How does exposure to poor air change across different daily routines? Hubbub is partnering with King’s College London to find out by tracking the personal exposure of ten Londoners over seven days. Read more

Recycling on the high street: lessons from Leeds

#LeedsByExample, the UK's biggest collaboration to improve on-street recycling, has been running for just over four months. Here are five things we have learned to-date. Read more

New business partnership to cut exposure to air pollution

Despite mounting evidence of the harmful impact that poor air quality is having on our health, there is little concerted activity to raise public awareness. Hubbub aims to fill this void by promoting on-going behaviour change and creatively using street architecture to positively engage people. Read more