2016 marks the launch of IKEA’s innovative Live LAGOM project. Live LAGOM set out to enthuse 250 households to live a more sustainable life at home with the help of bespoke support, a £500 IKEA voucher and one powerful word, LAGOM. 

The Swedish word Lagom, means just the right amount; in moderation, in balance. It’s associated with the concept “Lagom är bäst” which means “the right amount is best”. Not denying yourself or sacrificing what you love, while not taking or using more than you need. It’s just the right amount for comfortable living whether that’s food, energy, water or waste.

LAGOM households kicked off 2016 with New Year’s resolutions to celebrate the turn to a LAGOM life. From self sufficiency to shelf help, their resolutions mark the key trends that may offer some inspiration among a blue mid-January.

1) Decluttering - shelf help

Have you thought of ‘MKing’ your home? Live LAGOMers are looking to Tokyo for inspiration from Marie Kondo, leader in the life changing art of tidying up and organising, a new approach to decluttering based on the Japanese spirit of Zen. That’s right it’s nothing to do with Milton Keynes, but instead concerned with identifying and valuing what you do have and making meditated decisions on belongings and consumption, leading to a reduction in clutter and serenity in the head and the home.

2) Self sufficiency

Along with MK’s sense of streamlining came a loosening of ties with the convenience store. On the cusp of Christmas we witnessed plentiful attempts at upcycling, which continued well into the New Year (see one inbeanious share). Countless households have vowed to grow their own herbs, potatoes, chilies and beans while others are exploring making their own compost, soaps and household cleaning products. 

3) Hey Mr big pot

Energy efficient meals come in all forms. It might start with home growing, less packaging, low food miles or minimal inputs. Then there’s the energy you use to cook and planning to make sure food doesn't end up in the bin. Batch cooking, a.k.a cooking and storing large quantities in advance, is a great way to keep oven usage to a minimum and make the most of a bulk. Tupperware is a great way to package pre prepared meals and save leftovers, take IKEA's Fortrolig, a glass sealable container which can go from freezer to oven to table without needing a fresh dish or absorbing odours and discolouring, common with plastics.

4) Don't cut a rug

After a freakishly warm winter the cold has descended. Overnight thoughts turned to home insulation and increased tog bedding. Popular resolutions for low cost warmth include throws and covering bare floors, taking the draft from the floorboards or chill from stone flagging. Windows will be met with blinds or DIY double glazing in addition to curtains, but the prize for innovation goes to the soft toy snake, come draft excluder. 

5) Remain in charge

While most households made a bright choice to opt for LED lighting (which can use up to 85% less energy than conventional bulbs), kids and rechargeable batteries should take the limelight. In 2014 one family switched their games console batteries to rechargeable and saved enough money during the year to buy their son a BMX. This, in turn, helped him to get outside with his friends. 

6) What's your LAGOM?

For some the project brings the prospect of slowing life down, for others streamlining, some have seized the opportunity to stem their flow of waste, others ‘the flow of their waist.’ In the words of one householder 'the mantra of #liveLAGOM is the resolution that I want to take on board this year’'. Living a LAGOM life means different things to different people and can be born from simple motivations such as ‘more money to put towards a wedding’, or a ‘better world for our kids’, and it can mark a radical shift for those who have ‘never recycled at all’ or the household that now ‘go running as a family in the forest.’

Suffice to say participants are pushing the boat out to find their balance, contributing to a resounding agreement across the UK that “Lagom är bäst”! Continue to watch this space as the project goes live in Feb 2016. The bäst is yet to come.

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